How to Use WiFi on an iPhone From an Airplane

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Update time : 2019-04-02 18:05:53

Always wanted to use wi-fi cottage above an airplane? Now you comprehend how. full you shortage is wi-fi and a I-Phone.


1) restrain to yell on if your wi-fi is on. pursue the steps bellow

2) if your wi-fi is on
  • Go to settings
  • At the top, there to exist a sheet of text saying plane manner yes?
  • Click above the OFF button. It will now dine turned to ON.

3) if your wi-fi is no on
  • Go to settings and click.
  • Second down it to say wi-fi yes?
  • Click above that.
  • Click above OFF next above wi-fi. It to carry to ON.
  • Chose your network. Once you dine chosen, click above it.
  • Now perform the 'If your wi-fi is on' steps.

4) Finished.