High Power Signal Jammer

Portable DDS Wideband IED jammer VIP Jammer Military using Blocker, powerful Blast protection device

Item No.: CKJ-2107H12
High-power portable 20-6000mhz DDS broadband interference system, protect VIP and groups from radio control, effectively shield IED, block mobile phone signals, anti-UAV, Handheld or vehicle multi-purpose use, output power and frequency range adjustable b
Product Information
Name: 6-10 Bands Portable DDS Wideband IED jammer VIP Jammer Military using Blocker, powerful Blast protection device
Model: CKJ-2208DDS

Color: Black
Technical Specification
RF Frequency Application RF Output Power(Watt)
26-100Mhz Radio Control Toys, phones&Alarms 50watt
100-300Mhz Walky-talky ( VHF ) 50watt
300-500Mhz UHF/RC315/RC433 100watt
617-698 5G600 100watt
698-821 4G LTE700/800 100watt
850-960Mhz 2G, GSM900/RC868/RC915 100watt
1805-2000Mhz 2G,DCS,GSM1800 100watt
2010-2170Mhz 3G/WCDMA/TD 100watt
2300-2500Mhz WIFI/Bluetooth/4GLTE/2.4 Drone 100watt
2500-2690Mhz 4G LTE2600 100watt
3300-3600Mhz 5G3500 50watt
3600-3900Mhz 5G3700 50watt
5100-5500Mhz WIFI 5.2Ghz 50watt
5500-5900Mhz WIFI 5. 8Ghz & 5.8 Drone 50watt
1520-1670Mhz GPS1500 & Drone GPS 50watt
1170-1390 GPSL2-L5 & Drone GPS 50watt
Choose 6 or 8 or 10 bands one unit
Customize any frequency bands from 20-6000Mhz as the customer required.
Final adjustment of frequencies will depend on user requirements and expectations.
Frequency Range 20-6000MHz
Total RF Power  600-1000Watt for each jammer unit
Jammer Module Number Up to 10 modules for each jammer unit
Channel Frequency Number Max 400MHz one Channel
Cooling System Systematic Smart Cooling System
Power Supply AC Power 220VAC/50Hz
System Protection VSWR, Over-voltage, Over-current
Jamming Source Digital Signal Source Synthesize Technology,(DDS technology)
Frequency Sweeping Technology.
Adjust Frequency and Output Watt.
Software to reprogram the frequency bands and output power in any kind of field operation.
Remote Control full system operation control by wired controller with LCD display or use RJ45 connect with computer
Antenna Type High Gain Omnidirectional Antennas
Directional antenna (optional upon request)
Number of Antennas 6 or 8 or 10 for each jammer unit
Jammer Module 6 or 8 or 10 pieces modules, Each Jammer module with antenna can be used as a single jammer. All modules are controlled separately.
Jammer Size 630*500*350mm (Pelican case 1620)
Jamming System Weight Approx. 51kg for each jammer case
Operating Temperature Range -35°C to +75°C
Storage Temperature Range -20°C to +70°C
Operating Humidity Up to 90% relative humidity
External Battery With 80AH/24V(Optional upon request)
Jamming Distance for maximum performance in jamming 100meters. This distance is based on cellular frequency dbm. The closer the BTS (base transceiver station), direction of the antenna as well as number of antennas will determine the dbm level on the phone. To achieve 100 meters jamming distance, the dbm should be 80dbm and above
Key Specifications
IED jammer bomb use jammer military jammer signal breaker powerful Blast protection device

*Using DDS Digital FM interference Technology: DDS:Direct Digital Synthesized Technology, broadband noise elimination and frequency sweeping DDS Digital integration Technology was adopted;
*Frequency range and power can be set according to the site. The interference effect has phase continuity in time (up to the order of us), concentration in energy, pertinence in target and real-time tactical effect, and the interference effect is much better than the previous simulation interference method;
*Within 20-6000mhz frequency band, the designated frequency band can be customized, and multiple cases can be extended according to customer requirements;
*Modular design of internal structure, arbitrary combination and adjustment of interference blocking frequency, each module can be individually switched, with fault alarm function;
Full system operation control (adjust each band frequency / adjust eacn module output power / ON or OFF each band / all ON or all OFF) on the device’s LCD display, or just use one RJ45 interface connect with computer or connect with wired controller to set up all modules 

*Each module can be started/closed separately, and efficient frequency division is adopted, so as to achieve the best interference effect on different frequency signals.
*Towed box type design, can be installed in the car, can also be used with the car replacement site, temporary installation and use..
Bomb Detonating and confidence leaking, resulting from Road-side Remote Control Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) have been tremendous challenge in many parts of the world.
Ching Kong Technology solutions-CKJ-2208DDS8 DDS10 Bomb Jammer,IED Jammer can neutralize / prevent deadly criminal acts such as radio controlled Car Bombs, roadside bombs, ambush by remote IED attacks, assassinations, and remote controlled terrorist events. In addition to implementing High Power IED Jammers and Convoy Jammers.

Ching Kong Technology solutions-CKJ-2208DDS8 DDS10, High Power DDS Convoy Jamming System, implementing the most effective and reliable RF jamming technology and equipped with a fully-integrated broadband jamming system.
CKJ-2208DDS8 DDS10 can cover, continuously and simultaneously, all the RF communication Frequencies 20MHz-6000MHz. It will be the best solution to defend VIP convoy for vehicle mounted and some other big area jamming quickly to be set up, like military base, important sports events and international summits and etc.
CKJ-2208DDS8 DDS10 can cover, Fully portable multi-band DDS Jamming system, is designed with a ruggedized trolley type case, highly mobility. This device is configured with 10 different jamming modules, the jamming frequency can be more than 24Bands.

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