Handheld Signal Jammer

High Power Handheld 2.4G 5.2G 5.8G Bluetooth WiFi Signal Jammer to 40m

Item No.: CKJ-2109P3-W
unique design high power handheld full bands bluetooth WiFi signal Jammer with 3 antnnas,Plus 1-4 Watts each band to block 2.4G 5.2G 5.8G up to 40m, Built-in big battery working 2.5 hours, Capacity and Woking Current &Volts LCD display
Product Information
Name: Unique 6W High Power 3 Bands Handheld WIFI Bluetooth Signal Jammer up to 40m
Color: Black

Basic Specifications
Jam Signal Type CKJ-2109P3-W: WIFI Bluetooth 2.4G+5.2G+5.8G
Output PowerTotal 6W
Jam Radius5-40meters
Power SupplyAC110-240V to DC24V
Cooling SystemHigh efficiency aluminum alloy radiator, Build-in 3x cooling fan
Working TimeBuilt-in battery:24V/3000mAh Continue working: around 3 hours
Product Size210x130x46 mm (without omni antenna)
Product Weight: appr.2.0kg
Package ContentsJammer Host x 1, AC Charger x1,Antennas x 3
Product description:
The latest unique high power handheld Wi-Fi Bluetooth jammer with 6 watts jamming up to 40 meters, Wi-Fi Bluetooth 2.4G 5.2G 5.8G Signal, Light weight portable, Built-in Battery continue working 3.0Hour, Battery capacity LCD display
3 bands handheld design high power blocking Wi-Fi Bluetooth 2.4G 5.2G 5.8G signals
6 watts high output power jamming range 5 to 40 meters (Still depends on the strength signal in given area)
Battery capacity LCD display (Capacity percentage, working Voltage/Current)         
ABS Shell with good cooling system with cooling fans inside and bigger hot sink
With DIP switch, can turn on/off any signal band without affect other bands
With built-in bigger battery, can work 150 minutes, Easily repeated charging
OEM customized service:
Silkscreen OEM service can be offered


1) Protection of prohibited areas, such as: prison, military management area, national strategic resources projects, nuclear industry facilities, airports, political regions and etc;
2) To prevent the leakage of information on the scene, such as: major criminal cases on-site, urban management law enforcement scene, an important security venues, political followers protection, large-scale performance rehearsal, archaeological excavation site, large groups event site;
3) To combat the use of unmanned aerial vehicles as a carrier of illegal activities, such as: transport / drug trafficking, smuggling, illegal goods or information transmission.
Key technical specifications: CKJ-2109P3-W
Channel Output port Frequency range Average out-putting power ±1dbm
Band 1 Wi-Fi Bluetooth 2.4G 2400-2500MHz 35dbm / 3W
Band 2 Wi-Fi 5.8G 5500-5900MHz 31.7dbm / 1.5W
Band 3 Wi-Fi 5.2G 5100-5500MHz 31.7dbm / 1.5W
Power supply: adapter 50 to 60Hz AC (110-240V AC/24V DC)
Built-in battery:24V/3000mAh   Continue working: 180 minutes  Charge Time: 2 Hours
Dimensions: (length, width, height) 210x130x46mm (without Omni antenna)
Packing size: 330*250*80mm        Net weight: 1.2kg         Gross weight: 2.0kg
Total power: 6W     Shielding radius: (5-40) meters (Still depends on the strength signal in given area)
Warranty: one year from delivery date

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