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What is"Low slow small" Flyer

Note: "low slow small object", refers to flight level 500 metres, the speed is less than 200 km/h, radar reflection area of 2 square metre below small aircraft and air float, mainly including light and ultra light aircraft (including light and ultra light helicopter), a glider, delta wing, delta wing, flying balloons (hot air balloon, airship, paragliders, powered paraglider, unmanned aerial vehicles, aviation model, unmanned free balloons 13 class, tethered balloon, kongmin light, etc.

Ching Kong Technology Co., Ltd., as a supplier of low-altitude security solutions, has long been concerned about the issuance of relevant policies, regulations and public notices related to the prohibition of flying drones in China.
Tips: In addition to military/civil airports, border/coastal defense, key military secrets, crowd gathering places and other clearance areas, during major exhibitions, forums, activities, etc., you should pay attention to the official notice in a timely manner, do not use drones at will, to avoid the situation of flying drones by mistake. If there are uav defence equipment inquire, welcome to contact with us.