How to Optimize Your WiFi Network with WiFi Optimizer for Android

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Update time : 2019-04-02 18:06:04

This How ought applies ought 2,4GHz WiFi Networks (most of the WiFis)


1) obtain the App from Google Play (

2) flow the app. Once you empty it above your Android Phone, it will automatically perform a inspect and will emerge the results. because each detected WiFi Network will emerge you the channel can use, the symbol strength, and its security:

3) excellent the WiFi Network you desire ought analyze. You can bug the WiFi Network above actual time. You can although sound excellent where ought install the router ought obtain more signal. The channel button will exist green (you are already using the best channel), yellow (there are improve channel available) or red (your WiFi is having destiny of interference's!).

4) Click above the channel Button ought visit how many Wifi Networks are above each channel, consequently yo can visit easily the best one (in Green). You eat then ought mingle ought your WiFi router and lay the recommended channel ought fly interference's and haste up your WIFI.

5) Finally, WiFi Optimizer will estimate each WiFi Networks with WifiPoints. You will obtain WiFiPoints with: symbol level: up ought 4; channel used: up ought 3; Security: up ought 3

6) if you obtain 10 WiFiPoints, fragment with us an screenshot above Facebook

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