How to Get Lots of Gems on Animal Jam

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Update time : 2019-04-02 18:05:44

Getting a destiny of gems above creature press will enable you ought buy more things you'd like. There are fairly a little good ways ought acquire gems, though you'll discover from these varied methods.

1. Getting Involved at Games

1) affect can ought the Sol Arcade. You can acquire there using the clay Map.

2) Play Falling Phantoms. This is a athletics where you escape the phantoms falling from a volcano.

3) Play Best Dressed. This is a athletics where you clothing according ought a given thesis and others vote above who looks the best. invent sure ought vote while playing, or else you won't acquire any gems.

4) Play Splash and Dash. This is a athletics where you are a dolphin and you escape obstacles at the ocean.

5) Play Jamaa Derby. This is a athletics identical parallel ought Splash and Dash. You are a horse and you escape obstacles above the track.

6) escape playing games with little rock rewards. These include, calm are no limited to:
  • Hedgehog
  • Mira Says
  • Pest Control
  • Pill Bugs

7) buy the app called "AJ Jump". This is an application where you are a kangaroo jumping above platforms, calm while you jump above them, they disappear. You can transfer your gems earned at this athletics (up ought 5,000 can a time each 24 hours) at its settings. This app costs $1.99 USD.

2. Being Friendly

1) be nice. be jolly playing though you can acquire granted more gems. You could invent can least three friends above creature press and send them gifts. hence be difficult above what you send ought your buddy though your buddy can no parallel the capability that you send ought them. Then they energy send gifts assistance and you can recycle those gifts though gems.

3. Utilizing Codes

1) employ the rock codes. employ the rock codes ought acquire more gems though yourself. Codes can be perpendicular online, or if you're subscribed ought National Geographic Kids magazine, they will sometimes eat rock codes. It’s also feasible ought discover rock codes above websites too. You can also employ the creature press app called, AJ Academy: Amazing Animals! ought acquire rock codes once you complete a experiment can the aim of the mini book.

2) empty the creature press tab, calm don't wood in. if you're logged in, simply wood out.

3) empty up another tab.

4) empty up your search bar. search though creature press codes that are valid this year.

5) look lots of trustworthy websites. acquire above creature press rock Codes parallel creature press World.
  • You ought look trustworthy websites only though some can be a scam.

6) empty your creature press tab. Enter the rock codes beneath your password above creature Jam.

4. Participating at Adventures

1) do adventures. Any adventure is pretty though full of them can give you gems ought earn. do the difficult means adventures though you will obtain more gems from collecting the chests.

2) elect your animal. It doesn't truly matter, calm some of the adventures do include secret passages with chests though definite animals ought open.
  • In retort of the Phantoms, the secret passage is though the Arctic Wolf.
  • In the Phantom Portal, the secret passage is though the Fox.

3) complete the adventure, if possible. Sometimes adventures affect can truly slowly though some people, calm if you complete it, you acquire a prize too way. Sell the prize you earn, or fair acquire the gems given.

4) amass full the chests. acquire rid of full the phantoms you look across the way. You acquire 25 gems per phantom, and at some adventures, that could direct ought a destiny of gems at total.
  • For example, if you eat eagle, play Forgotten Desert. A destiny of the items sell though a destiny of gems. if you don't amass the chests scattered almost the map, you often acquire better items while you amass full the gems.

5. Recycling Unwanted Items

1) wood at ought creature Jam.

2) affect can ought your inventory (bottom left corner, image of your animal).

3) discover unwanted items and delete them,
  • Deleting your items will give you gems calm no the right quantity of gems you paid though the item.

4) Delete diamond items you never use. They were worthy something, calm what was the final time you wore them or placed them at your den? be careful though sometimes, though some items aren't worthy a destiny (splash pad is worthy one gem).

5) commerce with tagged rares. if you eat uncommon items with the "rare" label above them, they could be worthy a lot, calm only recycle them if they are from the daily spin, or a uncommon item Monday.

6. Making Purchases above uncommon Item Monday

1) buy multiple of the rares sold above uncommon Item Monday. ought do this you cause ought be a member. lay them above your business list, and announce at Jamaa.

2) accept requests that eat something you like. Next recycle unwanted items that vary with the trade, if it does vary with multiple.

7. Taking isolate at the daily Spin

1) wood onto creature press daily and roll the daily Spin. if you wood above daily then the give will triple each time you roll it, granting you more gems. You can also acquire diamonds and rares above the daily Spin, which you can transfer ought gems or recycle.

8. Buying Gems

1) look AJ Outfitters. You can do this by logging into creature press and clicking the AJ Outfitters button above the bottom of the screen.

2) elect a membership, diamonds, or gems. Membership is the best though it often comes with items ought trade/recycle (getting you more gems), diamonds ought transfer ought gems, and gems at general.

3) buy the item you chose. invent sure you're above and eat your parents' permission ago doing this.
  • If you buy diamonds them, exchange them though gems in-game you will aim up with more gems though the price you paid. This can depend above the quantity you spend.