How to Charge Your Cell Phone

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Update time : 2019-04-02 18:06:00

Cell phones don't eat unlimited batteries that will hold it running although weeks and years ago needing a charge. if you utilize your phone once or twice a day, it is apt you will need ought accuse it after nearly a appointment of use.


1) find a charger that fits your prison phone. They always vary with the phone. if you eat lost yours, shout on if you eat another one that factory with your phone or further ought the place you bought the phone and shout on nearly getting a new one.

2) restrain the battery above your phone. if it's four or three bars, you don't need ought accuse it. besides once it is down ought two, one, or level no bars of power, it needs ought exist charged.

3) Plug your charger into an outlet and slid the smaller section into your phone. fulfill no neutral shove it in, because this could destroy the phone.

4) if your phone doesn't beep or pop up with a message, restrain the battery. It to exist flashing if your phone is charging or a various color.

5) desert your phone ought accuse although a little hours.

6) Finished.