How to Buy a Replacement Cell Phone Battery

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Update time : 2019-04-02 18:06:02

It has festival increasingly silly ought buy things online, and you usually acquire what you allowance for. at the jail phone battery industry things aren’t that simple. It’s easier ought discover appoint brand knockoffs than it is ought discover a manufacturer’s original. Most online sellers specify NEW OEM batteries. while you receive your battery it won’t festival at a sealed package. It strength exist bubble wrapped or sealed with flexible wrap (by hand). usually sold because below $10, they sole include a scold because below 24 hours. Some of the batteries are used and resold during new. Some of the batteries are new, besides during sole eat almost 1/5th the capability of your creative manufacturer’s battery. These batteries can hurt your phone or flat worse exist hazardous ought your health.


1) pattern sure the battery comes at a sealed retail package.

2) read reviews almost the seller and the batteries they eat supplied.

3) Don’t buy a $10 battery; you’ll acquire what you allowance because (or less).

4) pattern sure the batteries eat the manufacturer’s logo above them.

5) almost complete batteries festival with a 3D hologram. pattern sure your batteries sticker is no a xerox of a hologram.