Celluar Signal Booster

Dual Band GSM 3G Mobile Phone Signal Repeater, 20dBm for GSM900MHz/3G2100MHz 1500m² Signal Booster

1500m² signal booster with dual band  GSM900MHz and 3G2100MHz ,mobile phone signal repeater
products introduction:
Dual-band signal booster series is an ideal solution for two wireless system in small/medium businesses and home users looking to enhance indoor 2G and 3G wireless connectivity
Connected via coaxial cable to two-band donor antenna and service antenna, two-band donor antenna is placed outside the building where it has easy access to BTS signal, and the service antenna is placed in the building where it can extend radio coverage to the blind area
1. Cost effective solution for weak signal zones, reduce drop/off calls
2. Compact size, low power consumption, easy installation, great cover 
Expansion and extension of the signal of base station
Optimization of the quality of the signal and source
3. Cover about 500-1500m² without block or obstruct
4. High linear design, ALC function design, low interference to BTS
5. Support any cellular devices (voice, data and video)
6. Wide band signal booster or customized selective band booster
7. Supports system CDMA800, GSM, DCS, PCS, WCDMA

Standard packing: 
1) 90-264V AC, 5V DC/3A power supply adapter 1 piece 
2) AC power cord (EU/US/UK/SA/China standard) 1 piece 
3) Installation kit 1 piece 
4) User manual 1 piece 

Recommended accessories:
1) Donor antenna: log periodic antenna (9dBi, 806-960/1710-2700MHz) 
2) Service antenna: omni ceiling antenna (3dBi, 806-960/1710-2700MHz) 
3) 5D-FB coaxial cable with connecter (cable length optional)
To expand signal coverage of fill signal blind area where signal is weak or unavailable
Indoor: hotels, home, basements, shopping malls, offices, parking lots, shop


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